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DeskNotes Project Description

WelcomeDeskNote.pngDeskNotes is Windows desktop application for keeping your notes on Windows desktop, like sticky notes. It helps you to keep your ideas in the place you visit and see the most of the time while sitting in front of your computer.
The things which should not be seen by everybody going around your Windows desktop can be hidden. DeskNote can be made top most of your windows so you see it even while working in some other application window. Since version 2.2 DeskNote can be switchable with other windows on Windows system, this means it is visible in Windows taskbar and in Alt+Tab windows switching window. If DeskNote is time dependent it can have a reminder (alarm) defined.


Simple formatting (RTF) of each DeskNote is available:

  • numbered and bullet lists can be differently indented
  • font and its style can be changed
  • text and background colors can be set
  • URLs inside DeskNotes are clickable
  • timestamp can be inserted by single shortcut
  • All features are described in Documentation.
DeskNotes can be synchronized with MS Outlook Notes, this allow easy transfer of DeskNote into Outlook and from Outlook to e.g. mobile phone. Emailing of DeskNote is possible with single command, it uses default email client. All or single DeskNote can be printed.
When some of the things you posted on your desktop is old, but you want to keep it, you can move these old DeskNotes into the Archive and save into different categories. If Archive gets too big it is possible to search inside. At the end you can print everything from Archive.
By default all DeskNotes are accessible from DeskNotes main icon residing in taskbar notification area NotificationArea.png and via its popup menu. Paticular DeskNote can be made visible in Windows task switching window (Alt+Tab) - switchable in order to make the DeskNote more handy and accessible while editing it and quickly swiching to it from other applications.

Something is missing?

Tell me (email to mb_sx{at} what you would like to use in DeskNotes or use Discussions

2.4.1 is the Latest Stable Final Release

Current version implemented floating title bar which simplifies movement of DeskNotes on desktop. Floating title bar appears on desknote if mouse hovers over top area of DeskNote and is stationary there for a while. Then it is possible to drag DeskNote by clicking into title bar. Floating title bar disappears if other DeskNote area is clicked or typing is performed,… This feature can be turned On/Off in Settings dialog.

Version 2.3.1 fixed saving issues on some machines and added colored icons into notification area icon popup menu.

Version 2.3.0 adds numbered lists formatting (see release notes) over previous version.
Version 2.2 (latest big feature update) added namely:
  • Switchable DeskNote in Windows Alt+Tab switch window and visible in Windows Taskbar.
  • Drag & Drop of text from and to DeskNotes.
Previous versions of DeskNotes, 2.1.1 and older, added Archive Search capability, RTF formatted print, online help and bunch of bug fixes in Archive, DeskNotes focus handling,...
MS .NET Framework 2.0 is required, it is a part of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Graphics wanted

Looking for someone with good graphical skills to provide me a set of icons I can use in DeskNotes

Pictures can tell more than thousands words

See Documentation for more info about DeskNotes features
Click to see more info on DeskNotes DeskNote being formatted with formatting toolbar open at the top
Several DeskNotes opened including one with reminder, one transparent and another one being formatted all together with Archive window opened. The sample DeskNote being formatted with visible formatting toolbar, reminder and context menu open.

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