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New features, post 2.0.x release

Feb 19, 2008 at 1:38 AM
I would like to gather some ideas what can be added to DeskNotes to make them more interesting for users. These should be features, not just bug fixes. My ideas are like:
  1. Implement online help - a lot of work, not hard
  2. Integrate with Windows Desktop Search - challenging to do it in C#, therefore I will likely try it
  3. Better integration with Windows Desktop (explorer)
    • This can be something like DeskNotes stays visible on Windows Desktop even Show desktop Windows action is called.
    • Or Windows Desktop popup sub menu New contains action New | DeskNotes. These are examples that I don't know how to do them, but still looks interesting
  1. ???

Feel free to express yourself in this discussion.
PS. If someone has good graphical skills and would like to contribute better nicer icons and graphics I will happily accept.