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DeskNote Features and Actions

Description of single desknote and its features and applicable actions.
  1. Shortcuts

  1. Always on top - makes DeskNote top most window which is over all other windows on the Windows system. Only one such window can exist at one time in Windows
  2. Hide - makes DeskNote invisible
  3. Switchable - makes given DeskNote switchable with other windows on the system. DeskNote with Switchable checked is visible in Windows Taskbar and in Alt+Tab switch window. This allows fast and handy switching from other applications.
  4. Move - Allows to move DeskNote over desktop. Cursor is changed to over DeskNote when this action is selected. Cursor is changed to when pressing left mouse button to DeskNote and actual move starts. When left mouse button is released then Move ends at current position.
  5. New - creates new DeskNote close to selected one, moves focus there.
  6. Save - saves the DeskNote
  7. Archive - archives the DeskNote in Archive. See How to Archive for archiving options. This can be set in Settings.
  8. Remove - removes DeskNote from desktop and deletes all data in it.
  9. Email - launch default email client and opens new email with DeskNote content as email body
  10. Copy to Outlook - copies content of DeskNote into Outlook Note. This is useful e.g. to get DeskNote into mobile phone as majority of mobile phones offers synchronization with Outlook OR Synchronize with Outlook - if DeskNote was copied to Outlook it can be synchronized
  11. Reminder - opens dialog to set date and time when DeskNote will pop up and beep to remind user about its content.
  12. Insert Timestamp - inserts current date or date and time (depends on Settings) into current cursor position.
  13. Formatting - opens formatting toolbar for given DeskNote. Possible formatting are: bullet list, bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, indent to left or right, font, font color and background color.
  14. Opacity - sets DeskNote opacity. This allows to make some DeskNotes transparent so windows behind them can be seen.
  15. Print - prints the DeskNote
  16. Exit - exits DeskNotes application



Following shortcuts are available to edit each DeskNote:
Ctrl + B Bold text
Ctrl + I Italic text
Ctrl + U Underlined text
Ctrl + Shift + B Applies bullet list for current paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + L Numbered list and switches among various styles of numbering
Ctrl + . (period) Indent to right
Ctrl + , (comma) Indent to left
Ctrl + (plus sign) Increase selected text height by 2 pixels
Ctrl + - (minus) Decrease selected text height by 2 pixels

Shortcuts to Copy, Cut & Paste text work as usual on Windows.

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