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General Info on DeskNotes

The image displays several desknotes open on Windows desktop. One DeskNote is in yellow, transparent. Another one has a reminder setup to beep and pop up about Fridays party. Third DeskNote is just being edited with formatting toolbar open. Formatting allows to set bullets, numbering, change fonts ( bold, italics, underline and strikethrough) or change background color. Formatting toolbar can be shown and hidden using Ctrl+F shortcut.

The Archive window features same formatting options as DeskNotes itself, so it is possible to modify DeskNotes in archive. DeskNotes can be archived in different categories for easier search in. It is possible to Move or Copy DeskNote from Archive back to desktop. Full text search is available in Archive in tab Search.

DeskNotes_menu.png This menu is the application level DeskNotes menu available from Windows taskbar notification icon. This menu is the DeskNotes entry point for hidden DeskNotes or DeskNotes currently covered by some other window.

  • New creates new DeskNote on Windows desktop
  • Show All shows all hidden DeskNotes and brings all DeskNotes over other windows on the system
  • Synchronize All synchronizes all DeskNotes bound to Outlook with Outlook Notes
  • Hide All hides all DeskNotes, this is useful when someone is looking at your display and you don't want to reveal your secrets.
  • Settings... allows to customize DeskNotes, like default font, color, data files,...
  • Archive... opens the Archive window
  • Print Preview, Print All, Page Setup speak for themselves.
  • Help... opens online help for DeskNotes
  • At the bottom of the menu is a list of all DeskNotes currently opened on the desktop so it is possible to select these which are hidden or covered by other window and edit it.... Hidden desknotes have light yellow icons instead of visible ones.

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