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DeskNotes Archive

DeskNotes Archive allows to save DeskNotes which no longer need to be on a desktop but their information is worth of storing. The Archive utilizes Categories that allows to sort DeskNotes into folders and help in navigation in tree structure of Archive. Archive window has three main parts
  1. Archive tab with a tree
  2. Search tab with search results list
  3. DeskNote editing area

How to archive DeskNote

Select DeskNote which should be archived. Right click on it and from contect menu select Archive
Archive operation is performed in 2 ways depending on Archive settings.
  1. If Settings | Archiving is set to "Archive desknote automaticaly into selected Archive node" then selected DeskNote is archived immediately and appears in Archive tree
  2. If Settings | Archiving is set to "Drag&Drop DeskNote into Archive tree" then
  3. Archive window is displayed
  4. Cursor in selected DeskNote changes to hand icon and DeskNote can be dragged into any Archive tree category

Search in Archive

ArchiveSearch Search box at the top serves for entering of search terms. It accepts following syntax:
  • "Joe Black" : will search exactly for "Joe Black" inside Archive. DeskNotes with text like "Joe has black" will not be selected. Text like "Joe Blackwood" will be selected. This is like exact match string search.
  • Joe Black : will search and select DeskNotes which contain "Joe" or "Black" or both these strings. This is like OR search
  • Joe +Black: will search for and select DeskNotes where must be both strings "Joe" and "Black" anywhere in the text. If there is only one of these strings then DeskNote is not selected. This is like AND search
  • Joe -Black: will search for DeskNotes which has string "Joe" but there must not be string "Black". This is like "x BUT NOT y" search.
Search is not case sensitive.
Search results are then displayed in the list below the search box. Selected DeskNotes can be edited. When Archive tab is selected then DeskNote selected in search results list is selected also in the Archive tree.

Getting DeskNote back to desktop

Any DeskNote can be moved back to Windows desktop. There are two options Move and Copy. Copy can be useful if DeskNote on desktop will serve as a template and will be modified while original one stays at Archive.
  1. Select DeskNote in Archive tree which should be moved to Windows desktop and right click on it to display DeskNote popup menu.
  2. If DeskNote will be preserved in the Archive and will appear on desktop select "Copy" from popup menu
  3. If DeskNote has to be just on Windows desktop and not in Archive then select "Move"

Archive tab

Archive The Archive tab in DeskNotes archive allows mainly to categorize DeskNotes inside archive. It has following elements:
  • Category - helps to group similar DeskNotes in Archive
Information displayed at the bottom of Archive window:
  • Archvied time - shows time when DeskNote was archived
  • Modified time - shows time when DeskNote was last modified on desktop or in Archive
DeskNotes modified in Archive are marked with asterisk in their icon. Archive is saved automatically when it is closed or DeskNotes are closed.
Archive editing area has same editing features like DeskNote on a desktop

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