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MS Outlook Synchronization

OutlookSyncDlg.png When DeskNote is synchronized with Outlook it can happen that both DeskNotes and Outlook versions are changed before synchronization is performed. When Synchronization is performed DeskNotes detects that both versions were changed and asks for conflict resolution in following dialog which is open automatically.

The picture shows DeskNote with original text "Yellow new original" and its MS Outlook copy with text "Yello new in outlook version" below these notes is DeskNotes Synchronization Conflict dialog. The dialog shows times of modification of both notes and provides a way to display text of both for comparison.

Possible resolutions are:

  1. Keep DeskNote - Outlook copy is replaced by DeskNote version
  2. Keep Outlook - DeskNote copy is replaced by Outlook note version
  3. Add Outlook to DeskNote - Adds Outlook version at the bottom of DeskNote and copies this text into Outlook as well.
  4. Show Details >> button opens two boxes with text of both notes. There can be a special MS Office Outlook dialog displayed asking for permissions to read content of Outlook!

Getting read access to Outlook

The dialog looks like this for MS Office 2003
Dialog asks for permissions to read content of Outlook. Read access is required when Outlook note is displayed on lower part of synchronization dialog or when Keep Outlook or Add Outlook to DeskNote resolution are chosen. Check Allow access for select a time, 10 minutes and click Yes.
The read access permissions can differ for other versions of MS Office.

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